Party's Over:  Uncle Quentin invited a wide variety of locals to his glass eye’s birthday party, all of whom arrived separately.  Now the party’s over and it’s time for them to head home.  Help each guest find his or her ride by matching the names on the left with the modes of transportation on the right.  Check your answers below the puzzle! 

1. Jasper, the bear                                                 A. Moped
2. Agathe, the tree nymph                                   B. Pogo stick
3. Tillie                                                                   C. Scooter
4. Llewella, the giantess                            D. Roller skates
5. Eve, the witch                                      E. No vehicle (walked)
6. Elias Qsmith, the faun                            F. Wagon
7. Miraj, the genie                                    G. Motorcycle
8. Mrs. Goodfelter                                    H. Flying carpet

Answers:  1=F; 2=A; 3=E, 4=D; 5=G; 6=B; 7=H; 8=C.


Come back soon for the "Dress Up Tillie" game.