Character Profiles


 Tillie McGwinn:  At ten and two-sevenths years old, Tillie is already an experienced adventurer and traveler.  She lives with her toucan Lucius in a cottage a few miles from her Uncle Quentin’s estate and has been known to spend hours playing "Stones on the Grave" (a variation on dominoes), tending to her flower garden, and re-re-re-reading her favorite book, “Unfortunately, Yes,” Said the Scarecrow. 

Ophelia:  This excitable ladybug, whose black spots have turned green, arrives on Tillie’s windowsill one morning and sets off a chain of events that leads Tillie into her latest adventure.

Uncle Quentin:  A famed seaman, Tillie’s Uncle Quentin made a fortune sailing the 4.25 seas in his younger days.  Since losing one of his eyes in an unfortunate pirate-related incident, Uncle Quentin has sported an oracular glass eye in its place.  “Slayer of Pirates,” “Toppler of Giants,” and “Tricker of Taxmen” are all titles given to him during his swashbuckling days.  In recent years, however, he has become fond of simply staying home and entertaining visitors at his country estate.

The Glass Eye:  Of uncertain origins, Uncle Quentin’s glass eye has the ability to tell the future as well as to reveal events currently happening far away.  The glass eye and Uncle Quentin have forged a tight bond over the years – so much so that Uncle Quentin holds a massive party for his glass eye’s birthday every year.

Eve:  A newcomer to the area, Eve recently bought Old Mary Anne’s gingerbread cottage in the center of the Stranger Forest and has hired Uncle Quentin and his team to re-ice the roof.  She’s a powerful, intelligent, and beautiful witch who can be a great asset on any adventure – assuming the goals of the other adventurers coincide with her own, that is.


 Elias Qsmith:  As a well-to-do member of the local faun community, Elias prides himself on his carefully brushed goat legs and perfectly clipped horns.  He loves to share in jokes – especially when they’re at someone else’s expense.  (By the way, although his last name is pronounced “Smith,” Elias takes it very personally if you forget the silent “Q.”) 

Grayden:  Because his underwater tribe has been at war with a rival tribe for five generations, Grayden’s fondest wish is to be a great warrior.  He seems to be well on his way to achieving his goal, although destiny may have different plans for him.



 Lord Mareel:  Warlord of Grayden’s underwater tribe, Lord Mareel has dedicated himself to seeking vengeance for the death of his sister.  His hatred has led him to use forbidden magic to alter his body, transforming his legs into a fish tail, his right arm into an octopus tentacle, and his left hand into a harpoon.

The Keeper of the Flame:  This ancient woman serves as the spiritual and moral leader of Grayden’s underwater tribe.  Filled with wisdom and understanding, the Keeper of the Flame serves as a counterpoint to Lord Mareel’s more authoritarian style of leadership. 



The Wompus Wulf:  A savage monster that prowls the Plains of Wompusmeeste, the Wompus Wulf eats its victims whole, lengthening its own lifespan by doing so.