About the Author


Corey Michael Dalton was born in the middle of a cornfield and raised in a swimming pool.   He began writing stories in 4th grade and has yet to stop - despite repeated warnings from his grade school teachers.  He graduated from college with an English Writing degree from DePauw University.  He is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Butler University, but that MFA sure is a fast runner.

The Partial Adventures of Tillie McGwinn represents his first attempt at writing a novel for children.  He and his co-author, Bryland R. Sutton, recently completed a 180-page, 23-chapter manuscript for a middle-grade fantasy novel called The Empress of Otherworld, which brings together Dorothy Gale, Peter Pan, and Alice Liddell to battle a common enemy.  They are currently seeking a publisher.

If you'd like to contact Corey, feel free to e-mail him at corey@cmdalton.com