Home of Corey Michael Dalton's middle-grade fantasy novel, The Partial Adventures of Tillie McGwinn.

At ten and two-sevenths years of age, Tillie McGwinn has already had numerous adventures with her Uncle Quentin, a famed pirate-hunter.  So, when a hysterical ladybug whose black spots have turned green comes to Tillie for help, she immediately agrees to investigate the cause of the displaced colors.  Her quest takes her through The Stranger Forest, into the depths of Lake Loch, across the Plains of Wompusmeeste, and into an abandoned amusement park.  Along the way she makes new allies (Grayden, the underwater boy warrior; the ancient and wise Keeper of the Flame; and the mythical creeping house) as well as new enemies (the parliament of daylight owls, Lord Mareel, and the dreaded Wompus Wulf).  Then there’s the witch Eve.  Which side is she on?  Why does she have a pet golem?  And where did she get that fabulous red leather cat suit?

Here at TillieMcGwinn.com you can discover the answers to all of those questions.  You'll find character profiles of all of the main characters from The Partial Adventures of Tillie McGwinnan art gallery, a world map, and a few other surprises.  You can even read the complete novel by simply clicking through the table of contents below!

Chapter 1:  A Friend to All Insects Everywhere
Chapter 2:  The Waltzing Witch
Chapter 3:  Tell-A-Vision
Chapter 4:  A Matter of Shrinking Concern
Chapter 5:  Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Water
Chapter 6:  Prisoners of the Pod
Chapter 7:  An Illusion of Grandeur
Chapter 8:  In Which Unusual Occurrences are Explained
Chapter 9:  Yea, Though I Swim Through the Valley of Shadows 
Chapter 10:  Departing the Waters 
Chapter 11:  Trailing Dragon
Chapter 12:  The Creeping House
Chapter 13:  An Eye for a Tooth
Chapter 14:  The Cliffs at Rainbow’s End
Chapter 15:  The Prince of Purple 
Chapter 16:  Sugar at Suppertime
Chapter 17:  All Together Now